Bedford Blackhawks (Youth) Coaches

We are very fortunate to have an extremely dedicated group of coaches, who work hard at all levels of the game to ensure that our players are not just the best American Football players they can be, but are also striving to be the best people they can be.

Our club motto “Leave Your Mark” is not just about leaving your mark on the playing field, although that is a big part of it. It’s about leaving your mark on society, on the sport we play, in the community we live in, and on our families and friends.

Our coaches are at the heart of promoting that message.

All our coaches are Level 1 accredited through BAFCA, and we are encouraging coaches to take the Level 2 qualification also. Whilst qualifications won’t tell you if a coach is good or not, they will ensure a base level of knowledge about the sport and player safety, something which is absolutely vital in such a high intensity, collision oriented sport.

2017 Bedford Blackhawks (Youth) Coaching Team

Nick Benning – Bedford Blackhawks (Youth) Head Coach

Corey Smith – Bedford Blackhawks (Youth) Assistant Coach