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28 Mar

In the third part of our series taking a closer look at 2016’s MFC1 (Midland Football Conference 1) opponents, we concentrate on the Nottingham Caesars…

The Caesars were formed in 1984 originally as a Junior Club alongside the Nottingham Hoods. The Hoods ceased to exist in 1994 which helped the Caesars, who subsequently posted a 10-0 record in 1995.

In 1997 they made it to the Britbowl final before losing out to Redbridge Fire. 26-7.

They were promoted to the BAFL Division 1 South West Conference following a successful 2008 9-0-1 BAFL 2 Central campaign that culminated in a semi-final defeat to the Tamworth Phoenix, but struggled in 2009 and 2010 posting records of 2-8 and 1-9-1.

A league restructure ahead of the 2011 season saw the Caesars in the BAFANL 1 Central Conference where they finished a respectable 6-4, and after another league restructure and a 7-3 season in the BAFANL 1 Northern Conference 2012, were promoted to the Premier Division.

The team struggled at the higher level and ended the 2013 season 1-9, and the following year ended 1-8.

Following yet another league restructure the Caesars found themselves in BAFANL 1 Northern Conference last season, where they posted a much-improved record of 4-5-1.

2015 Schedule

Sun April 19th @ Chester Romans WIN 28-25
Sun April 26th @ Merseyside Nighthawks LOST 46-6
Sun May 10th @ Gateshead Senators LOST 21-9
Sun May 17th @ Shropshire Revolution WON 27-13
Sun May 31st vs Merseyside Nighthawks LOST 27-6
Sun Jun 7th vs Shropshire Revolution WON 47-9
Sun Jun 14th vs Chester Romans WIN 22-12
Sun Jun 28th vs Edinburgh Wolves LOST 36-0
Sun July 19th vs Doncaster Mustangs LOST 26-20
Sun Aug 8th @ Clyde Valley Blackhawks TIE 12-12

Contact Details
Club Colours

The Caesars’ club colours are dark red and yellow. They wear black helmets with black face cages, dark red jerseys and yellow pants.

Dates for the Diary

Sunday 24th April, Nottingham Caesars @ Ouse Valley Eagles
Sunday 12th June, Ouse Valley Eagles @ Nottingham Caesars

Home Ground & How to Get There

The Caesars play their home games at the Harvey Hadden Sports Village on Wigman Road, Nottingham NG8 4PB.

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