FLAG | Blackhawks confirm post-season place

29 Jul

The last regular season game day of 2018 offered up a touchdown fest for the “Bombastic” Blackhawks…

Blackhawks 54-0 Coventry Cougars Ladies

The first game of the day was against friends of the team the Cougar ladies. Never a game you can take lightly but the Blackhawks came out firing on all cylinders producing another biggest points total in successive game days.

Blackhawks 47-19 Leicester Huntsmen

The second and final game of the day saw the Hawks face off against the Huntsmen. The Blackhawks offense soared through the game dominating the Huntsmen for the second time this season. The Hawks #18 Callum Papworth dropped bombs all over the Huntsmen’s struggling defence and despite scoring 19 points never felt threatened.

Thank you to the Cougars for hosting.

That closes the book on a memorable 2018 regular season and third year as a team finishing 9-3. Thank you for everyone who has supported us this season but we aren’t done yet.

Playoffs baby!