Hubbard vs White: The Results

08 Dec

In our most recent Head to Head of the season Wide Receiver Ross Hubbard took on Head Coach Will White. Here’s how they got on…

Packers 27 Lions 23

HUBBARD: A harder pick than this would have been pre-Thanksgiving. The Packers are on the slide and the Lions are looking for their fourth straight win. Can Rodgers break the slump and galvanize the Packers season on TNF? Going with the team on a streak (god I hope #81 is not injured), Lions to Win!
RESULT: Right up until the final seconds this looked an inspired choice, but then *that* play happened. 0-1.

WHITE: Pack over Lions by two scores, the Lions are struggling.
RESULT: It was the Pack that struggled for long periods, and in the end it took one of the most ridiculous plays in NFL history to take it, but a win’s a win and coach starts off 1-0.

Texans 21 Bills 30

HUBBARD: The Bills haven’t beaten the Texans since 2006 (thanks Google!) so JJ Watt and Co. to terrorize Tyrod Taylor and get their fifth win in a row. Texans to win!
RESULT: The Bills keep themselves in contention with their first win over Houston in nine years (thanks Ross!). 0-2.

WHITE: Texans over Bills. I’m not a Rex Ryan fan, he’s too damn cocky.
RESULT: You can never count Rex Ryan out, unless he’s playing the Patriots. Which he wasn’t. 1-1.

49ers 26 Bears 20

HUBBARD: The Bears have an awful home record this year. Fortunately they are playing the 49ers, who are even worse on the road. Bears to win!
RESULT: Oh Ross, this hasn’t started well for you has it? 0-3.

WHITE: Bears over 49ers, the Niners suck.
RESULT: The Niners do indeed suck, but they still managed to make Blaine Gabbert look like Joe Montana. 1-2.

Bengals 37 Browns 3

HUBBARD: The Browns lost as only the Browns can against the Ravens (though this was a bit close to home, where have I seen this before!). Austin Davis will not be anywhere near as good as last week, there’s a lot more pressure when starting. Bengals to win!
RESULT: The Bengals didn’t so much as win, they battered the terrible Browns. 1-3.

WHITE: Bengals over Browns with Cleveland having QB issues.
RESULT: It’s not only at QB that the Browns have issues. Still, It’d be unlike them to waste their early first round pick next year…2-2.

Ravens 13 Dolphins 15

HUBBARD: The Ravens are my team and it has been painful to watch them this year. They have found a way to lose their games, never pulling away when in the lead! Their luck changed against the Browns and are 5-0 against Miami since 2007. Ravens win!
RESULT: You have to admire him for sticking with his team even though they’re terrible this year, but it doesn’t serve him well here. 1-4.

WHITE: Dolphins over a banged-up Ravens team with too many injuries.
RESULT: Jackpot. 3-2.

Jets 23 Giants 20

HUBBARD: Apparently the Jets haven’t beaten the Giants in the regular season since 1993, who knew! Jets to win.
RESULT: The Jets win, and keep themselves in with a fighting chance of making the post-season. 2-4.

WHITE: Jets over the Giants as I dislike Manning and his Smurfs.
RESULT: You can’t argue with the reasoning. 4-2.

Cardinals 27 Rams 3

HUBBARD: Probably the easiest pick of the week. Cardinals to stack the box against Todd Gurley as he is the St Louis offense currently, and let #21 & #32 pick the recently-promoted Case Keenum all day long. Cardinals to win!
RESULT: Not much more to say is there? 3-4.

WHITE: Cardinals over the Rams – the Cards offense has too much for St Louis.
RESULT: They sure did. 5-2.

Falcons 19 Buccaneers 23

HUBBARD: This is a big showdown in the NFC South. Atlanta had a player’s only team meeting this week and I have seen enough American Sports films to know that as a result of this they cannot lose…I never understand why teams don’t get together every week and talk about not losing. Buccaneers to win!
RESULT: Ross is back to .500, just like these two teams! 4-4.

WHITE: Falcons over the Bucs as they look to get back on track.
RESULT: Lose! 5-3.

Jaguars 39 Titans 42

HUBBARD: This was close when they last played and the Titans let a win slip out of their hands. Titans to win!
RESULT: It’s a well known fact (honest) that when two bad teams play together it always results in a classic, and this was no different. 5-4.

WHITE: Jags over the Titans in the battle of bad teams.
RESULT: He backed the wrong horse and we’re now tied at 5-4.

Chiefs 34 Raiders 20

HUBBARD: This is risky as OC/Chairman Neale is a Raiders fan (I think – he wears a cap all the time) but I can’t see them beating the Chiefs. Chiefs to win!
RESULT: Spot on, and Ross is on a roll. 6-4.

WHITE: Raiders over a banged-up Chiefs side.
RESULT: Will’s also on a roll, but he’s going backwards. 5-5.

Broncos 17 Chargers 3

HUBBARD: Brock Osweiler is 2-0 since replacing Peyton and has knocked off Brady’s unbeaten Patriots. Only sign of hope for the Chargers is Ware will probably miss this week’s game and there could be a come down after a big win over the Pats. Broncos to win!
RESULT: There’s no stopping him. 7-4.

WHITE: Broncos over the Chargers, the Broncos defense will be too much.
RESULT: Will’s staying in touch but the damage has already been done. 6-5.

Eagles 35 Patriots 28

HUBBARD: Tom Brady to avenge their loss against Denver by throwing 5 TDs and that’s without Gronk. The Eagles defence has been like a sieve the last few weeks and the Pats aren’t the team to be playing after they’ve lost with a bad defence. Patriots to Win!
RESULT: Nobody saw this coming, so we’ll allow Ross a slip. 7-5.

WHITE: Pats over the Eagles. Brady gets the boys back on track against a poor Philly team.
RESULT: Likewise. 6-6.

Panthers 41 Saints 38

HUBBARD: Now that TB12 is no longer undefeated does that make Cam the #1 MVP contender? The Panthers get more impressive every week and with Superman at QB and Clark Kent on defence (Luke Kuechly, look him up) at the moment they arguably have the best Offensive and Defensive player playing on the same team. Panthers to win!
RESULT: I was pretty sure the Panthers were done for in this one, but they keep the record going. 8-5.

WHITE: Panthers over the Saints as they continue their run towards an undefeated season.
RESULT: Yep. 7-6.

Seahawks 38 Vikings 7

HUBBARD: The Vikings are at home and atop the NFC North but with Seattle now 6-5 and on a real hot streak, I’m going to take a risk and go with Seattle to steal one on the road. Seahawks to win, narrowly!
RESULT: I don’t know what he was worried about! 9-5.

WHITE: Seahawks over the Vikes in a tight one fighting for a play-off spot.
RESULT: Well it sure as heck wasn’t tight, but 8-6.

Colts 10 Steelers 45

HUBBARD: The big question is whether Big Ben will play (he was fully participating in practice Thursday) as I think the Colts would win if Landry Jones plays most of this game. Steelers to win!
RESULT: Big Ben played alright, to the tune of 364 yards passing and 4 TDs. Ross moves to 10-5.

WHITE: Steelers win a tight one over a surging Colts team.
RESULT: Well that wasn’t tight either. 9-6.

Cowboys 19 Redskins 16

HUBBARD: No Romo no wins, simple as that really. QBs are important, who knew? Redskins to Win!
RESULT: It wasn’t a classic and Ross called it wrong, but he still wins this week and finishes 10-6.

WHITE: Redskins keep their winning streak going against a weak Cowboys team that has no Romo.
RESULT: Coach also calls it wrong and finishes. 9-7.


As a result of this week’s scores the Players have again extended their lead over the Coaches and Staff, and now lead 103-72 to 96-79. Be sure to check back on Thursday for this week’s predictions.

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