New Year’s Resolutions

29 Jan

It is never too late for some New Year’s Resolutions, and if one of yours is to start playing more sport then you could do a lot worse than join the Eagles!

The club was formed in 2013 following a merger between the Milton Keynes Pathfinders and Bedfordshire Blue Raiders, and now consists of three teams:

Ouse Valley Eagles – Adult Kitted – Age 18+
Bedford Blackhawks – Adult Flag – Age 16+
Bedford Blackhawks – Youth Kitted – Age 14-16 (U17)

We asked some of our senior players for theirs 2016 New Year’s Resolutions, the best of which are here:

Jack Judge
1. Enter a strongman competition
2. Reach the playoffs with OVE
3. Deadlift 260kg
4. Start the season at 120kg
5. 10 TD season

Khrys Speed
1. Play first game for OVE
2. Weigh 94kg
3. Snatch 140 and clean 170.
4. Catch up big JJ on deads.

Chris Parr
Be more like Christian McCaffrey.

James Drake
Find ways every week to make Gareth Pullen shout *insert accent* “Yes Drakey”.

Zach Wodaege
Transform myself from the dominant Julio Jones into Cam Newton and get JJ 10 TDs.

Nathaniel Ashby
Make my 21st consecutive and probably final season one I can be proud of!

Gareth Pullen
Drop weight to 100kg, deadlift 230kg, squat 180kg, lead team with an average of 12 tackles a game.

Andy Larwill
Beat my 6.5 sacks in a game record! And have less concussions.

Rhian Shirley
Squat properly, run faster, hit harder. And a few sacks this year!

We are always on the lookout for new players, coaches and commercial partners. If you would be interested in joining one of our teams in any capacity please do not hesitate to get in touch.

As well as on, you can stay up-to-date with all the latest news and events on our Facebook page or via Twitter.