Parr vs Dilley: The Results

15 Dec

In our most recent Head to Head of the season Defensive Back Chris Parr took on Media Manager Michael Dilley. Here’s how they got on…

Vikings 20 Cardinals 23

PARR: The ViQueens need AD (All Day) to produce, and Bridgewater could have another tough day as the Arizona D will keep him in check. Arizona are a very good football team this year. I really dislike Minnesota. Arizona win.
RESULT: Win! 1-0.

DILLEY: The Vikings are having a much better year than most people expected but I can’t see any way they beat the impressive Cards in their own back yard. Arizona win.
RESULT: Win! 1-0.

Seahawks 35 Ravens 6

PARR: Seattle seem to be rolling offensively. Baltimore don’t have the weapons to trouble the Seahawks D. The bandwagon fans fully return after leaving earlier in the year. Seattle win.
RESULT: Win! 2-0.

DILLEY: Seattle aren’t a patch on the team we’ve seen over the last couple of years, but neither are the Ravens. Seahawks win this one.
RESULT: Win! 2-0.

Falcons 0 Panthers 38

PARR: Potential for an upset but not thinking the Atlanta D can contain this year’s MVP. Ryan will throw a couple of costly picks forcing it into Julio. Luke Kuechly is a very good football player. Carolina win.
RESULT: Win! 3-0.

DILLEY: Divisional games are almost always close but Atlanta have been all over the place and the Panthers and Cam Newton have been incredible. Panthers win to keep the ’72 Dolphins sweating for at least another week.
RESULT: Win! 3-0.

Redskins 24 Bears 21

PARR: Washington win.
RESULT: Win! 4-0.

DILLEY: The Bears are awful but still have the same record as the NFC East-topping Deadskins. Washington have been really bad on the road, so I’m going with Chicago. Bears win.
RESULT: Lose! 3-1.

Steelers 33 Bengals 20

PARR: Expect this to be a really good game. Steelers close the gap a top the AFC North. Steelers win.
RESULT: Win! 5-0.

DILLEY: Game of the week? I’d really *like* Cincy to win so even though I’ve got a feeling the Steelers will pinch it I’m going with them. Bengals win.
RESULT: Lose! 3-2.

49ers 10 Browns 24

PARR: I honestly don’t think anyone is going to watch this game, unless for some reason you like Manziel or you started watching football in the 80s and picked the 49ers. 49ers win.
RESULT: Lose! 5-1.

DILLEY: If we work on the basis that a game between two bad teams make a great game then this will be an absolute classic. With that in mind, the 49ers win 62-61.
RESULT: Lose! 3-3.

Colts 16 Jaguars 51

PARR: Frank Gore continues to let me down in Fantasy Football. One week I play him and get three points. Gets dropped, ten points. He is starting this week. Jacksonville win.
RESULT: Win! 6-1.

DILLEY: You know it’s a funny old world when you back the Jags to beat the Colts, but here I am doing exactly that. Blake Bortles has fired my Fantasy team into the play-offs, and he might do the same thing with the London Jaguars. Jacksonville win.
RESULT: Win! 4-3.

Chargers 3 Chiefs 10

PARR: Melvin Gordon will be a really good back for SD long term. Rivers throws the ball horribly and for a catholic man has a real potty mouth. Kansas to keep the run going. Kansas win.
RESULT: Win! 7-1.

DILLEY: Kansas win. Not even close.
RESULT: Win! 5-3.

Titans 8 Jets 30

PARR: The best rookie QB continues to pull up trees with zero weapons around him. He has done it his whole career, I mean look at Oregon, what a player. Doesn’t steal crab legs. Jets win.
RESULT: Win! 8-1.

DILLEY: I kind of like the Jets. That’s it. Jets win.
RESULT: Win! 6-3.

Bills 20 Eagles 23

PARR: Much thought has gone into this. Rubbish game, Philly win.
RESULT: Win! 9-1.

DILLEY: As a Cowboys fan I did *not* enjoy watching the Pats/Eagles game last week, but if history has told us anything it’s that the Eagles always find a way to blow it once people actually start believing in them – so the Bills win.
RESULT: Lose! 6-4.

Lions 14 Rams 21

PARR: Stafford is starting in Fantasy Football for me this week, so inevitably he will throw a few interceptions. The much improved Lions D will hold. Lions win.
RESULT: Lose! 9-2.

DILLEY: Two more teams with bad records. The Rams have lost five on the bounce heading into this game and the L-I-O-N-S will make it six. Detroit win.
RESULT: Lose! 6-5.

Saints 24 Buccaneers 17

PARR: Jaboowins is a talented chap. Sean Payton held me as a baby. Tampa Bay win.
RESULT: Lose! 9-3.

DILLEY: The Saints have lost four in a row, who knew? The Bucs look like they might actually be getting their shizzle together, so I’m going to go with them at home. Bucs win.
RESULT: Lose! 6-6.

Raiders 15 Broncos 12

PARR: Oakland are much improved but see the Broncos letting Osweiler take charge a bit more. Manning starts looking for a TV job. Broncos win.
RESULT: Lose! 9-4.

DILLEY: We keep talking about how Oakland are getting better, and they are, but they’re still only 5-7 and then lose to the Broncos. Denver win.
RESULT: Lose! 6-7.

Cowboys 7 Packers 28

PARR: Green Bay win.
RESULT: Win! 10-4.

DILLEY: Oh my beloved Cowboys, how do I count the ways (that you find to lose games)? There’s no pretending this season hasn’t been an absolute disaster for us, and most UK-based Cowboys fans are now torn between wanting to see the team make a real push for play-offs (seriously, how in the blue hell is that still possible?) and wanting to see us match the Rams and come to Twickenham next year. In any event, we’ll probably push Green Bay hard, our offense won’t get anything going, the Packers will win and we’ll get approximately 4,582 references to “the catch”.
RESULT: Win! 7-7.

Patriots 27 Texans 6

PARR: I like Houston, I like Cushing, I enjoyed Hard Knocks. New England to stop the slide and Tom Brady gets them back on track. New England win.
RESULT: Win! 11-4.

DILLEY: Everyone loves JJ Watt, and I’m very much looking forward to seeing him squash Brady like a bug, but it seems nuts that the Pats have lost two in a row and I just cannot see them losing a third. Patriots win.
RESULT: Win! 8-7.

Giants 31 Dolphins 24

PARR: I don’t like the Giants and a good buddy of mine plays for Miami. Giants win.
RESULT: Win! 12-4.

DILLEY: I genuinely think the result of this depends on what happens with the other NFC East teams this weekend, given that every time a team has a chance to stake a claim for first place they blow it. If any of the other teams win the Giants will win, but as I think they won’t – Dolphins win.
RESULT: Lose! 8-8.


As a result of this week’s scores – where Parr hit the joint-highest score of the season so far – the Players have pulled further ahead against the Coaches and Staff, and now lead 115-74 to 104-87. Be sure to check back on Thursday for this week’s predictions.

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