SENIOR | 2017 Captains Named

20 Mar

The Eagles captains for the 2017 season have been confirmed following a vote by the players.

Gareth Pullen has been named Team Captain, Danny Cousins is the new Offensive Captain, Ross Hubbard is Defensive Captain and Fabrizio Gargiulo is Special Teams Captain.

Linebacker Gareth “Tish” Pullen is a returning captain, having previously captained the team in 2014, 2015 and 2016. He was named the Eagles’ Defensive MVP in 2015 and 2016, Player’s Player of the Year in 2014, and is a former Bedfordshire Blue Raiders MVP, Players Player and Defensive MVP:

Offensive Lineman Danny Cousins is in his third year with the Club. He won the Rookie of the Year Award in his first season, and was named Joint Players Player of the Year in 2016.

Ross Hubbard is also in his third year with the Eagles and is the current Joint Players Player, Most Valuable Player and Offensive MVP, having played Tight End in previous seasons.

Linebacker Fab Gargiulo is a vastly experienced player in his first year with the Club, having joined from the London Blitz.

Commenting on the appointments, Head Coach Neale McMaster said:

“I’m incredibly proud of these guys for being leaders to their team-mates, but also love the team for recognising the hardest working guys on our team as the people they want to follow.

“There’s a number of guys that they could have selected, but the players chose to single them out.

“There isn’t a finer person to have as Team Captain than Gareth, he is the epitome of what we look for as an Eagle.

“Danny as Offensive Captain is a great choice as he really understands football, and works well with Justin, who is our vocal leader on offense to really push the whole unit forward.

“Ross continues to be recognised by his teammates as a leader and having moved from offense to defense, has maintained his high standards and pushes people continuously.

“Having Fab as our Special Teams Captain is a huge statement by the players, as I don’t think you’ll find anyone more passionate about special teams in the UK. He has instilled a real pride in a unit we expect to produce a lot of points this year, and obviously the players are buying into it.”

The first game of the season takes place on Sunday 9th April away to South Wales Warriors. The first home game of the year is against the Solent Thrashers on Sunday 21st May.

2016 Award winners revealed

08 Oct

The 2016 Player of the Year Awards took place last night at Revolution Milton Keynes, where Ross Hubbard was the big winner.

Hubbard was named Team MVP, Offensive MVP and Joint Players Player of the Year along with Offensive Lineman Danny Cousins.

Linebacker Gareth “Tish” Pullen took home the Defensive MVP Award, John Rudgard was named Lineman of the Year for the second year in a row, and Offensive Lineman Nathan Spencer won the Rookie of the Year Award.

Ouse Valley Eagles 2016 Award winners
  • Joint Players Player of the Year – Ross Hubbard and Danny Cousins
  • Most Valuable Player – Ross Hubbard
  • Defensive MVP – Gareth Pullen
  • Offensive MVP – Ross Hubbard
  • Lineman of the Year – John Rudgard
  • Rookie of the Year – Nathan Spencer
  • Most Improved Player – Rhian Shirley

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CAPTAIN’S LOG | Danny Cousins

06 May

Recently we caught up with Offensive Captain and current Rookie of the Year Danny Cousins to get his thoughts on the 2016 season…

How was the off-season for you?

It was frustrating! Having injured my knee in the last game of the 2015 regular season I was unable to do any real exercise or preparation until around Christmas.

I hated turning up on Sundays and not being able to participate, however it was great to get to see everybody again after our brief break as well as get to know the new rookies and help them settle in and learn the game.

When I was able to get back on the field in the New Year it was brilliant, and the monthly camps that the coaches organised were excellent, not just because we got to spend a whole weekend playing football but we were able to bond so much as a team and the intensive sessions really helped us to learn quickly.

How have your preparations for this season varied compared to last year when you were a rookie?

My preparations have been more focused this year.

Last year I didn’t really know what I was in for and made a lot of changes to how I trained throughout the season.

This year I knew what my strong points were and I knew what my weak points were, so I was able to tailor my training to suit that.

We also had weekly gym sessions, ran by John Rudgard who’s also on the O Line, they were great to teach us what we should be doing in the gym and how to train on our own.

How do you think this offense compares to last season’s?

I think we’re in a great position this year. The camps and pre-season scrimmages have helped us immensely, getting everybody up to speed with the playbook and in particular, helping the newer guys to know what to expect on game day.

We have had quite a few changes in personnel, we’ve lost some great players and picked up some great players, so the offense certainly has a different feel about it, but we’ve progressed really well and I expect to see some great performances from us this year!

How did you feel when you were named captain?

I was delighted. It means a lot to be nominated by my team mates and I was incredibly proud.

It also seemed a bit strange to be named a captain alongside some of the more experienced guys that I did, and still do look up to within the team, but it made the honour all the greater.

What do you think makes you a good captain?

I always gDanny Cousinsive 100% for the team and try to lead by example.

I’m punctual, attend all of the training sessions I’m able to make and try to get as much as I can out of them from our coaches and I try to help my team mates as much as I can.

What do you enjoy most about playing for the Eagles?

The team is incredibly well run by the committee; they do a huge amount of work in the background that keeps everything running smoothly and they give us as a team all of the resources and opportunities we need to get better and succeed.

We also have great coaches at the Eagles who have loads of experience, knowledge and put in hours of work to prepare training sessions, football camps, scout videos and on top of all of that, answer the endless questions that we bombard them.

But the bit I enjoy most is being part of the Eagles family.

Players, coaches and committee members all become a close-knit group of friends.

I enjoy the tough training sessions where we all get stuck in together, the joking and laughing shared on the team page, the coach trips to away games.

I look forward to all of that just as much as I do the games!

Do you have any targets for the 2016 season?

I want to do as much as I can to improve myself and my team mates on O Line, so we can lead the way for the rest of the offense.

Every offensive play starts with us, so I want us to be in the best position possible to help our team mates.

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Focus On | 2016 Team Captains

15 Mar

Yesterday we caught up with Chris Parr, Danny Cousins, Ross Hubbard and Gareth Pullen to hear their thoughts on being voted team captains for the 2016 season. Here’s what they had to say…

Chris Parr

Chris Parr

Cornerback Chris Parr was named the Eagles MVP in 2014, and is a former Milton Keynes Pathfinders Rookie of the Year, Defensive Player of the Year and Special Teams Player of the Year.

He was also a member of the Great Britain Lions squad in 2013, and was University of Northampton Sportsperson of the Year in the same year:

The Club has had a really good winter both on and off the field and it has been fantastic to be involved.

Being named a captain for the Eagles is an honour and alongside the other captains I look forward to leading us in 2016.

Danny Cousins

Danny Cousins

Offensive Lineman Danny Cousins is a second-year player with the Eagles having joined the club ahead of last season, and was named 2015 Rookie of the Year:

I’m very proud to be named as a captain for the Eagles this season, particuarly as it was voted on by my team mates, which makes the honour even greater.

Ross Hubbard:

Ross Hubbard

Former Loughborough Aces and Tamworth Phoenix wide receiver Ross Hubbard is another second-year player with the Eagles, having joined the club in 2015:

It’s always special and bigger when it comes from your team mates.

I’m looking forward to being one of the leaders of such a dedicated group of guys.

Gareth Pullen

Gareth Pullen

Linebacker Gareth “Tish” Pullen is a returning captain, having previously captained the team in 2014 and 2015.

He was named the Eagles’ Defensive MVP in 2015, Player’s Player of the Year in 2014, and is a former Bedfordshire Blue Raiders MVP, Player’s Player and Defensive MVP:

To be voted captain is a true honour, especially being put forward by my peers, those I respect really means the world to me.

As we gain momentum towards our 2016 campaign it is a truly exciting time to be an Eagle.

The first game of the season takes place on Sunday 10th April (1.30pm) when the Eagles travel to face the Sandwell Steelers. The first home game of the year is against the Nottingham Caesars two weeks later, kicking off at midday.

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2016 Captains Named

14 Mar

Linebacker Gareth Pullen, Cornerback Chris Parr, Wide Receiver Ross Hubbard and Offensive Lineman Danny Cousins have been named Captains for the 2016 season.

Defensive Captains Pullen and Parr are vastly experienced players and joined the Eagles in their inception, with Pullen being named 2015 Defensive MVP. Offensive Captains Hubbard and Cousins meanwhile are both second-year players with the Eagles, Cousins being named 2015 Rookie of the Year.

Commenting on the appointments, Offensive Coordinator Neale McMaster said:

Since our inception in 2013 our coaching staff have picked the captains based on commitment, personality and leadership abilities, and this year marks the first time the players have voted for the club captains themselves.

I’m absolutely delighted with the choices. I think these guys are clear leaders in the locker room, and people the players can look up to. They lead the players not just by performance, but by example.

I’m also very proud of each of these four players, who have really developed themselves as well as their game over the last two years, and I feel confident will be able to leave their mark on the team.

Defensive Coordinator Darren Hill added:

This is just reward for the tremendous effort they have put in both on and off the field and I have no doubt the players have made the right choice.

The first game of the season takes place on Sunday 10th April (1.30pm) when the Eagles travel to face the Sandwell Steelers. The first home game of the year is against the Nottingham Caesars two weeks later, kicking off at midday.

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Rookie Report: Danny Cousins

16 Oct

Ahead of this weekend’s Rookie Session in Luton, we sat down with Offensive Lineman, local boy and current Rookie of the Year Danny Cousins from last season’s impressive class of rookies…

Position: Offensive Line (Centre)
Height: 6ft 3ins
Weight: 290lbs
Hometown: Luton, Bedfordshire
Age: 23
Favourite NFL team: Minnesota Vikings
Favourite NFL player: Adrian Peterson

How did you get involved with American football?
After watching NFL for a few years, it was a sport that I really wanted to try out. I played rugby when I was younger and liked contact sports, but wanted to try something different.

A couple of friends and I turned up to the 2014 rookie days in Milton Keynes and St Neots after hearing about them on Facebook and loved it.

The sessions are purely for you to come and have a go. You take part in skills and drills involved with all of the different positions. The players are on hand to answer questions, offer advice and support you. We ended up going to all of the rookie sessions and joining the team!

Did anything take you by surprise during your first season?
Before I started playing, I underestimated how big a part, fitness played in the game. Although it is a “stop/start” game, it’s high intensity and you have to be able to give your all on every down.

I’ve had to improve my fitness a lot, but that was one of my reasons for joining the team too. It also surprised me how much you learn so quickly!

What is your favourite thing about playing for the Eagles so far?
The camaraderie is great. The team spirit amongst us is phenomenal; on the sideline on game day you can just feel that everybody believes in each other and that we can beat anybody!

It gives me great pride to be a part of the Eagles family.

What are your aims for next season?
I want to continue learning as much as I can about the sport, train to become technically and physically better than last year and help the Eagles secure promotion to the Premier Division.

I also want to represent Great Britain. Four Eagles were offered trials this year and I aim to do everything I can to be a part of that number next season!

What advice do you have for anyone considering playing American Football for the first time?
If you have the slightest inclination to give it a go, just do it! Don’t let a lack of knowledge or understanding of the game put you off.

I knew next to nothing when I started last year, other than a few rules I had learned from watching games. The coaches are great and teach you everything you need to know and your team-mates are always happy to help too, you just need to be willing to learn and the term “there’s no such thing as a stupid question” has never been truer!

We’re a dedicated, driven team and if you are willing to listen, learn and work hard, you’ll fit right in!

The third rookie session of the month takes place this Sunday at Lealands High School in Luton, starting at 11am.

American Football has never been more popular in the UK and is one of the fastest growing sports in the country. If you’ve always fancied having a go why not register to try it out at one of our sessions?

Open to those wanting to play for the Youth Team (aged 14+) or the Senior Team (18+), after this weekend we then move to Milton Keynes next week for our final session at Stantonbury Campus.

Each session takes place between 11am and 1pm. All you need to bring with you is football/rugby boots, some water, appropriate clothing to be out running in the weather and a valid form of photo ID.

To register your interest, please visit the relevant Event Page on Facebook or feel free to turn up on the day of the session:

Session 3 – Luton
Session 4 – Milton Keynes


Cousins v Chilton – The Results

06 Oct

In our third Head to Head of the season Offensive Lineman and Rookie of the Year Danny Cousins took on Vice Chairman Mark Chilton. Here’s how they got on…

Ravens 23 Steelers 20 (Thursday Night Football)

Danny CousinsCOUSINS: This was a tough one to call but Danny went with the hosts by a score despite them missing Big Ben. Home advantage seemed to be the difference for him but he called it wrong as the Ravens won a close one. 0-1.

ChiltsCHILTON: Mark said the Ravens were better than their 0-3 record suggested, and said the short week wouldn’t help the Steelers. Spot on on both counts, it would seem. 1-0.

Jets 27 Dolphins 14

Danny CousinsCOUSINS: Danny’s back in the game. He called a big week for Chris Ivory and boy did he call that right. The only thing he had wrong was the margin of victory for the Jets, but we’ll let him off that one. 1-1.

ChiltsCHILTON: Our lifelong Jets fan was never going to pick anyone other than New York in this one, but he had a little bit of science to back him up. “The key battle is that Miami’s offensive line will not cope…” he said. If you look at those stats the Fins O put up it’s hard to argue. 2-0 and a very happy Jets fan.

Texans 21 Falcons 48

Danny CousinsCOUSINS: That matchup must be our “never in doubt” game of the week. The Falcons brushed the Texans aside to go 4-0, Danny called it right, and he’s up to 2-1.

ChiltsCHILTON: Chilts said Atlanta were his dark horses for a bit of a run this season. If they weren’t on everybody’s radar at the start of the season they sure as heck are now. Mark goes 3-0.

Giants 24 Bills 10

Danny CousinsCOUSINS: He trusted his instincts and said the Giants would not be able to overcome the Bills, and this showed that the Force is not strong in this one. Cousins is back to 2-2.

ChiltsCHILTON: It’ll be a close one and “home field advantage may tile it in Rex’s favour” said Mr Chilton. The fast-improving Giants clearly didn’t get the memo for this one, and the Vice Chair has his first slip up. 3-1.

Raiders 20 Bears 22

Danny CousinsCOUSINS: Is the fact that both of our guys predicted a Raiders win on the road here a sign of how far Oakland have come, or how far the Bears have fallen? You be the judge. Anywho back in the room, Danny is now 2-3.

ChiltsCHILTON: Chilts was closest to a correct prediction by saying they both could lose. He wasn’t far off, but he still falls to 3-2.

Chiefs 21 Bengals 36

Danny CousinsCOUSINS: Danny’s prediction of the Bengals clocking up over 200 yards on the ground was maybe a little optimistic, but he was bang on apart from that. He’s up to 3-3.

ChiltsCHILTON: He had a lot of faith in Kansas City. Some would say misplaced faith, but one wouldn’t want to be unkind. Their “decent defense” shipped 36 points and left Bengals wondering if this could finally be the year it all comes together for them. Spoiler alert: it probably isn’t. Mark’s 3-3, and we’re all tied up.

Jaguars 13 Colts 16

Danny CousinsCOUSINS: Both of our guys picked the Colts to blow Jacksonville away, but in fairness that was before it was revealed that Andrew Luck would miss the game through injury. In any event, Danny’s above .500 for the first time. 4-3.

ChiltsCHILTON: Neither team wanted to win this but eventually the Colts managed to make it stick. It was a big win in the context of the AFC South, but it won’t paper over the cracks of what has been a decidely dodgy start for them. Mark also goes to 4-3.

Panthers 37 Buccaneers 23

Danny CousinsCOUSINS: The Panthers are up and down more than…well, let’s just say they’re inconsistent. What was consistent though is that both our guys correctly picked them to beat the Bucs. Cousins goes 5-3.

ChiltsCHILTON: Correctly predicted a Buccaneers defeat. Not much more to say really is there? Let’s move on. 5-3.

Eagles 20 Redskins 23

Danny CousinsCOUSINS: Went with the Eagles winning a close one. It sure was a close one, and the ‘Skins somehow dug out the win. Danny falls to 5-4.

ChiltsCHILTON: Mark thinks it inexplicable that Washington are in freefall, which will come as a surprise to fans of NFC East teams who have enjoyed/endured watching them suffer for a number of years now. He’s also 5-4.

Browns 27 Chargers 30

Danny CousinsCOUSINS: “Chargers bounce back from their loss against the Vikings and get a home win against the Browns. Chargers win.” Just about sums it up. 6-4.

ChiltsCHILTON: He went back and forth and eventually settled on a home win with no confidence whatsoever. Which ironically is exactly what we had. Mark is also 6-4.

Rams 24 Cardinals 22

Danny CousinsCOUSINS: Carson Palmer has been immense so far this season and Danny reckoned it would continue in this divisional game against the Rams. He was wrong. 6-5.

ChiltsCHILTON: Oh Mark. Marky, Marky Mark. “This is the home banker/lock of the week” said Mr Vice Chairman. Not quite as wide of the mark as Will White and Jack Judge both picking the 49ers to beat the Cards last week, but it’s close. 6-5.

Vikings 20 Broncos 23

Danny CousinsCOUSINS: Vikings fan Danny had to go with his team on the road against Denver, and you have to admire him for that (are you listening, Mr McMaster?). Still, Minnesota lost the battle and it looks to have lost Cousins the war. 6-6.

ChiltsCHILTON: Having said Denver would have too much for the Vikings he probably didn’t think it would be as close as it was, but that’s irrelevant. Mark edges ahead, 7-5.

Packers 17 49ers 3

Danny CousinsCOUSINS: Another game that finished closer than predicted, but he called a Packers win (although who wouldn’t?) and another good game for James Jones. Danny goes 7-6 but keeps it close.

ChiltsCHILTON: The only thing Mark got wrong in this one was the margin of defeat for San Francisco. He expected them to ship 40 points but the 49ers defense managed to keep it fairly respectable. 8-5.

Cowboys 20 Saints 26

Danny CousinsCOUSINS: Always a tricky one to pick considering the injury situations at both teams, and not knowing whether or not Drew Brees would be playing. The Cowboys ran the previously 0-3 Saints close, but it’s not good enough for Cousins who falls to 7-7.

ChiltsCHILTON: Chilts was a bit more confident of another Cowboys road victory, but hadn’t factored in Mr Brees being fit and in determined mood. He goes 8-6.

Lions 10 Seahawks 13

Danny CousinsCOUSINS: It wasn’t supposed to be this close, and but for another incredibly controversial call in Seattle it may have been very different. No matter, Danny rightly picked the Seahawks and finishes a just about respectable 8-7.

ChiltsCHILTON: He called Kam Chancellor the difference maker in this one and boy was he right, but certainly not in the way he expected Chilts finishes 9-6 to take the win.

So there we have it. Vice Chairman Mark Chilton takes a close Week 3 with a score of 9-6 to Danny Cousins’ 8-7. The Coaches and Staff lead after three rounds 28-19 to 25-22, and it’s all to play for between the Players and the Staff next week where Running Back Matt Duffin take on Running Back Coach Neil Duffy.

Did any of this week’s results in the NFL surprise you? Let us know what you think by leaving a comment in the box below, by posting on our Facebook page, or by sending us a Tweet.

Head to Head: Cousins v Chilton

30 Sep

If there’s one thing sure to split opinion quickly it’s the age-old battle of who knows more about the NFL, the players or the staff?

To try and resolve the issue once and for all players take on coaches and backroom staff one on one to try and decide once and for all who really knows their stuff.

The concept is pretty simple: each week one Eagles player and one staff member will go head to head predicting the outcome of the weekend’s NFL games, and by the end of the season the true power houses will emerge.

In week one Wide Receiver Chris Cowley took on Club Chairman and Offensive Coordinator Neale McMaster battled out a 6-10 draw, and last week Head Coach Will White defeated Tight End Jack Judge by a score of 13-3 to 11-5.

Next up we have Offensive Lineman and Rookie of the Year Danny Cousins taking on Vice Chairman Mark Chilton.

You can let us know what you think of their predictions by leaving a comment in the box below, by posting on our Facebook page, or by sending us a Tweet. Be sure to check back to Tuesday to see how they got on:

Ravens @ Steelers (Thursday Night Football – Sky Sports 1 HD, Friday 01:25)

Danny CousinsCOUSINS: The Ravens are 0-3 and the Steelers have lost Big Ben. Not ideal situations for either team. Although I think that Vick will do ok for the Steelers, they also have Bell and Brown on their side of the ball and home advantage. Steelers win by 1 TD.

ChiltsCHILTON: Baltimore are 0-3 for the first time in their history but are playing better than that record suggests. Pitt will be without their starting quarterback and will turn to an ageing Michael Vick whose magical powers are diminishing. The short week won’t help. I pick Baltimore to open their account.

Jets @ Dolphins (International Series – BBC2 HD, Sunday 14:00)

Danny CousinsCOUSINS: I’m struggling to decide on this one. The Jets and Dolphins are both coming off home losses but the Dolphins haven’t had great results against any of their opponents this year. Ivory will come back in week 4 and post 100yds+ and the Jets get a close win over an under-performing Dolphins team. I reckon it will come down to a FG.

ChiltsCHILTON: I’ve supported The Jets for thirty years and know them to be cursed. The last time I saw them play Miami, in New York they stunk the joint out. This time at Wembley with me watching again it will be different. The key battle is that Miami’s offensive line will not cope with the stunts and blitzes The Jets fearsome defense will deliver and Tannehill will be pressured all day. The Jets may have the best defense in the league and their conservative offence will have enough on Sunday. I am definitely biased; but for once there’s logic to it.

Texans @ Falcons

Danny CousinsCOUSINS: The Texans beat the Buccaneers last week but they face a far more formidable offense in the Falcons where Julio Jones is on fire. I reckon the Falcons will go 4-0.

ChiltsCHILTON: I like Atlanta. They are often overlooked and are my dark horses for a bit of a run this season. They have a consistently balanced offence led by Matt Ryan which should be a model for many teams to copy. Devonta Freeman rushing and Julio Jones receiving combined for 350+ yards and five touchdowns last week. Even JJ with his super-hero powers is not stopping that. Falcons win.

Giants @ Bills

Danny CousinsCOUSINS: I’m gonna go with my instincts and say that the Giants can’t overcome the Bills. OBJ still has a great game (for the sake of my fantasy team), but not enough to beat the Bills and they win by a TD. Bills win.

ChiltsCHILTON: Buffalo have been spanked by New England – who hasn’t – but have otherwise been effective on both sides of the ball. The Giants have been finding exotic ways to throw games away but I reckon they will make this close. Home field advantage may tilt it in Rex’s favour. Bills win.

Raiders @ Bears

Danny CousinsCOUSINS: The Raiders had a great game last week with Carr, L. Murray and Cooper all looking awesome. With the Raiders showing great potential for the future and the Bears on a dismal run, the Raiders win.

ChiltsCHILTON: Chicago competed well against Green Bay in week 1 but has particularly suffered from poor special teams play in posting 0-3 for the first time in more than ten years. They also can’t move the ball without Cutler. The Raiders sprung a surprise in beating the Ravens and won on the road last week for the first time in a season and a half. Toss a coin on this one, they might both lose. Raiders win.

Chiefs @ Bengals (Sky Sports 2 HD, Sunday 17:30)

Danny CousinsCOUSINS: The Bengals offense are looking good at the moment along with a good defense. I think they’ll keep the Chiefs’ offense in check and get the win with the Bengals clocking over 200 yards on the ground. Bengals win.

ChiltsCHILTON: The Bengals have edged games which they might have lost and that’s a good habit to have. The Chiefs record is misleading as they have lost to two very good teams in Green Bay and Denver. They will provide the toughest opposition Cincy has faced yet. Sean Smith their best corner returns following a DUI suspension so a decent defense will get better. Chiefs to edge it.

Jaguars @ Colts

Danny CousinsCOUSINS: The Colts offense will finally come good and blow the Jaguars away. They win by 3+ TDS. Colts win.

ChiltsCHILTON: Jax are underfunded perennial strugglers and are likely to be the next franchise to up sticks for somewhere else. Indy has had a slow start and has lost to good teams but kick started their offense putting up 35 last week. Another long afternoon for the Jax D. Colts win.

Panthers @ Buccaneers

Danny CousinsCOUSINS: I think the Panthers will have the fire power to beat the Buccaneers. Panthers win convincingly.

ChiltsCHILTON: Both teams have prevailed against New Orleans. Carolina has had a soft schedule to date and Tampa has looked very ordinary in their other games and has a propensity to be terrible. No surprises here as I take Carolina’s passing game to win the day. Panthers win.

Eagles @ Redskins

Danny CousinsCOUSINS: Eagles get the win, but only just. Low scoring game with less than 7 points in it. I’m sure one of these teams will make me eat my words on this one, let’s hope it’s the Eagles!

ChiltsCHILTON: Inexplicably Washington are in freefall. I’m surprised they won’t trade RG3 if they are not going to play him. He retains value andthey have holes all over. Philly had a good first half last week and hung on gamely for their first win. Chip Kelly has found a way to be effective and this will continue. Eagles win.

Browns @ Chargers

Danny CousinsCOUSINS: Chargers bounce back from their loss against the Vikings and get a home win against the Browns. Chargers win.

ChiltsCHILTON: Both teams have started poorly and neither will contend. San Diego can’t defend the run and even pulled Phillip Rivers for Kellen Clemens last week. Hardly a great sign. But then Cleveland has yet to establish a running game and have QB inconsistencies of their own. I’ll go with home advantage with no confidence whatever. Chargers win.

Rams @ Cardinals (Sky Sports 2 HD, Sunday 21:15)

Danny CousinsCOUSINS: Carson Palmer has thrown 9 TD passes already this season! With home advantage they get yet another win. Cardinals win.

ChiltsCHILTON: The Rams did well to beat a complacent Seahawks team but have been unconvincing since. The Cardinals ripped The 49ers a new one last week with two rushing, two receiving and two defensive touchdowns and vie with Atlanta and Green Bay as the best team in the NFC. This is the home banker/lock of the week. Cardinals win.

Vikings @ Broncos

Danny CousinsCOUSINS: The odds might be stacked against us, but I can’t go against my own team. I think we’ll need to rely on our running game heavily (AP to rush for 150yds+), and then burn them with the deep pass to Wallace once they’ve stacked the box. Fingers crossed for a Vikings win.

ChiltsCHILTON: Minnesota has celebrated the welcome return of Peterson, given his issues, but this is a tough ask. Peyton is on the last lap of a brilliant career and deserves to go out as one of the best ever. I feel that Denver will have too much at Mile High altitude for the Vikings. Two good teams but Denver to edge it. Broncos win.

Packers @ 49ers

Danny CousinsCOUSINS: The Packers are looking like the team to beat in the NFC, they’ve been putting on some fine performances even after losing Jordy Nelson for the season. Are the Raiders and Giants kicking themselves after releasing James Jones, or could Aaron Rodgers even make me look like a world class receiver? I don’t know, but he’ll get at least another TD this week. Packers win by 3+ TDs.

ChiltsCHILTON: Green Bay look strong again and San Francisco most decidedly does not. Their home opener win against The Vikings would be reversed if it were to be played again. I see The 49ers shipping 40 points for the second successive week against Green Bay’s potent offence. Packers win.

Cowboys @ Saints (Sky Sports 2 HD, Monday 00:30)

Danny CousinsCOUSINS: Can the Cowboys O line carry their offense? Will Drew Brees be back? I think the Cowboys have more quality overall. They get the win by one TD.

ChiltsCHILTON: This is an example of roster management. Jimmy Graham’s free agency move to Seattle has left a hole that New Orleans has yet to fill but Dallas has coped just fine without DeMarco Murray. I expect this trend to continue and predict another Cowboys win.

Lions @ Seahawks (Sky Sports 2 HD, Tuesday 01:15)

Danny CousinsCOUSINS: The Seahawks shut the Bears out last week and the Lions haven’t looked great this season. Seahawks have enough to get the win.

ChiltsCHILTON: Kam Chancellor ends his hold-out and Seattle posts their first win. Coincidence? I think not. But it shows lack of depth. The Seahawks have been in the last two Super Bowls but I do not expect a 3-Pete, although they’ll have too much for Detroit who are in for another long season. At least they get Chicago twice – but not this week. Seahawks win.


Match Cousins Chilton
Ravens @ Steelers (TNF) Steelers Ravens
Jets @ Dolphins Jets Jets
Texans @ Falcons Falcons Falcons
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2015 Award winners revealed

27 Sep

The Ouse Valley Eagles 2015 Player of the Year Awards took place on Friday at Windmill Hill Golf Club in Bletchley, where Justin LaRoda was the big winner.

LaRoda was named Player’s Player of the Year, Team MVP and Offensive MVP

Linebacker Gareth “Tish” Pullen took home the Defensive MVP Award, last season’s Rookie of the Year John Rudgard was named Lineman of the Year, and Offensive Lineman Danny Cousins won the Rookie of the Year Award.

Commenting on the afterwards, Chairman Neale McMaster praised the impact LaRoda had on the team in 2015:

“Justin came to the team late, but pushed his way into the starting line-up through some great plays at practice.

He took that form forward into games and was a revelation this season, not just his passing and running abilities, but his leadership.

“This year wasn’t a one off either. I’m sure if that form continues, this won’t be the last year we mention Justins’ name at an awards ceremony.”

Ouse Valley Eagles 2015 Award winners:

Players’ Player of the Year – Justin LaRoda
Most Valuable Player – Justin LaRoda
Defensive MVP – Gareth Pullen
Offensive MVP – Justin LaRoda
Lineman of the Year – John Rudgard
Rookie of the Year – Danny Cousins
Most Improved Player – Martin Day

The curtain may have only just come down on the 2015 season but plans for 2016 are already well under way.

American Football has never been more popular in the UK and is one of the fastest growing sports in the country. If you’ve always fancied having a go why not register to try it out at one of our Come and Try sessions taking place throughout October?

Open to those wanting to play for the Youth Team (aged 14+) or the Senior Team (18+), the first two sessions take place in St Neots on Sunday 4th and Sunday 11th October respectively.

We then move to Luton on Sunday 18th October at Lealands High School, before finishing in Milton Keynes a week later at Stantonbury Campus.

Each session takes place between 11am and 1pm. All you need to bring with you is football/rugby boots, some water, appropriate clothing to be out running in the weather and a valid form of photo ID.

To register your interest, please visit the relevant Event Page on Facebook or feel free to turn up on the day of the session:

Session 1 – St Neots
Session 2 – St Neots
Session 3 – Luton
Session 4 – Milton Keynes


Preview: Eagles @ Solent Thrashers

21 Aug

The Eagles travel to the south coast this Sunday to take on the Solent Thrashers in the SFC 1 semi-final at Test Park (2.30pm kick off).

Sunday’s game will be the third meeting of the two sides in the club’s short history. Last season Solent knocked the Eagles out of the play-offs at the quarter final stage, and earlier this season a record-breaking field goal was the difference as the Thrashers edged a close one 17-14.

Since that defeat the Eagles have won three on the bounce; 35-15 against Cambridgeshire Cats, 23-18 vs Birmingham Bulls and 38-27 two weeks ago at the Hertfordshire Cheetahs.

The Thrashers meanwhile lost to Colchester before bouncing back with a thrilling 33-33 tie with the Farnham Knights, and a 51-0 demolition of East Kent Mavericks to finish the season the #2 ranked team in SFC 1 with a record of 7 wins, 2 defeats and 1 tie.

They have one of the meanest defences in Division One, with only the Edinburgh Wolves (89) conceding less points than the Thrashers’ 135 during the regular season.

Our hosts also have the fourth best offence in Division One. Their total of 335 points scored was bettered by the Merseyside Nighthawks (462), Farnham Knights (405) and Edinburgh Wolves (398).

In team news, offensive lineman Danny Cousins remains doubtful due to a knee injury sustained in the victory over the Cheetahs but the Eagles welcome back a number of defensive players who missed the game, including Andy Larwill and Darren Gregory. Gareth Pullen is also expected to be fit to play.

If you are travelling to Southampton for the game, the address you will need for your Sat Nav is:

Test Park Sports Ground
Lower Brownhill Road
SO16 9BP
Telephone: 023 8078 7177

Alternatively you can get directions by entering the relevant information in the map below.

Admission is free, and there are bar and catering facilities available.

If you are unable to make it to the South Coast we will be providing live, play-by-play coverage via our Twitter channel from 2.30pm.